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‘Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas

FacebookLinkedinTwitteremail By popular demand (and better late than never), ‘Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas by Warren Corpus (originally published by ADBUMb on December 8, 2004) Twas two weeks before Christmas, I’d just smashed my mouse Pissed off at my listing I found on Spamhaus. My

Best Practices for Welcome Emails

FacebookLinkedinTwitteremailby Sharon Bellis from the Ongage blog The point at which your subscribers sign-up to hear more from you is arguably one of the most important points in their journey. It’s the point at which they’re possibly most-engaged with your brand – they’ve consciously given you

How to Fight the Rise of Fake Influencers

FacebookLinkedinTwitteremailOriginally from PACEDM  The Times recently reported that influencer marketing fraud costs sponsors, on average, £1 billion each year. This waste is attributed to social creators with inauthentic audiences. Brands are pouring their marketing funds into influencer collaborations which are broadcast to bot accounts, rather

To Those Affected By Hurricane Dorian

FacebookLinkedinTwitteremailHurricane Dorian is an unprecedented storm – the strongest in modern history.  With Dorian threatening the Southeast U.S., the entire team at HitPath hopes that our clients in the affected areas will remain safe as they evacuate and perhaps prepare to run their businesses remotely.