25 Buzzwords that Should Really go Away

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Last week we looked at the Eleven Commandments of Content Marketing. Included in that list, was the advice to ‘Speak Human’ and avoid overused buzzwords. I like that one. In honor of Rule #4, here are 25 of our most hated buzzwords and corporate phrases. Which ones would you like to see retired?!

25 Buzzwords that Should Really go Away

  1. Calibrate Expectations
  2. Holistic Approach
  3. Gain Some Efficiencies
  4. Bandwidth (to describe someone’s workload)
  5. Circle Back
  6. Synergy
  7. Paradigm Shift
  8. Leverage (The verb. The noun is just fine)
  9. Brand Evangelist (It was cute the first time I read it, but just that first time.)
  10. Deep-dive
  11. Drill-down
  12. Freemium
  13. Thought Leadership
  14. Monetize
  15. Seamless
  16. Value Proposition
  17. User-centric
  18. Customer facing
  19. Disconnect (The noun this time)
  20. Learnings
  21. Wheelhouse
  22. Growth Initiatives
  23. Spearhead
  24. Customer Focused Growth (what other kind of growth… )
  25. Cascade, and Bubble up. Not to be confused with Boil it Down or Baked-in.

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